7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Has Japan been sitting on your bucket list for a while now? Is it a place that you have always wanted to visit? Well, I am here to encourage you to book flights and go to Japan! From my experience, it is an amazing country and the culture is definitely worth experiencing.

Here are 7 reasons why you should visit Japan

Japan has weird concepts

The main reason why I wanted to do Japan is because of their weird and quirky concepts. They have places like themed cafes, naked bath houses, love hotels, to traditions like ducks catching fish, noodle slurping to street vending machines. Japan has a vibrant atmosphere and you will never have a dull moment.

Rabbit Island Japan

Japan keep their traditions but are very futuristic

Within Tokyo for example, is an industrialised city with sky scrappers, street signs and people everywhere. But then in the midst of the busy city, would be private traditional temples or shrines with a beautiful nature strip before you enter.

Another example is their creative and stylish fashion. There are girls who are able to mix bold, funky and cute at the same time. I love how you would also see girls dressed up in the traditional Geisha or Maiko outfit either around town or at places of worship. They will embrace the new and they keep their history and culture.

Sensoji Temple Tokyeplo Japan Asakusa Tem

Japan is so clean

The streets are super clean because there is no rubbish or unnecessary objects on the road or footpaths. Within a house or small building, you are required to take your shoes off and wear their inside slippers. Some places even have toilet slippers so that the germs in the bathroom do not spread inside the house.

Japan Tokyo Streets

Japan has efficient public transport

The Japan railways are something of the future and their infrastructure is designed and operated so well. They have trains for the local city and bullet trains (Also known as the Shinkansen) for high speed travel. They offer a Japan Rail Pass which is an unlimited and nationwide train travel for foreign tourists. During my trip, I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka and Hiroshima using my 7 day JR pass.

Japan Train

Japanese food is delicious

I could go on-and-on about the food, drinks and sweets but all can say is that you will definitely be trying unique and tasty food. In Tokyo and Osaka,there are tons of restaurants with bright neon signs in the narrow streets and you have so many outlets to choose from. Also, most of them provide menus with pictures on it and a few places have English menus. Raise your hand if you like the following: sushi, ramen, miso soup, udon, mochi, takoyaki or tempura? The list can go on.

Japanese Food

Japanese people are so friendly

Japanese people are so polite, welcoming and accomodating. They are respectful of personal space and they have proper etiquette. For example, my travel group and I got lost and despite the language barrier, an old Japanese lady tried to help us to the best of her ability.

Japan Harajuku Tokyo

I didn’t learn any Japanese before going there and I got away with three phrases:

  • Konichiwa – Hello
  • Arigato – Thank you
  • Sumimasen – Excuse me and Sorry

Japan is very safe

The level of crime in Japan is very low which seems odd because the country has approximately 127 million people. But get this, there is no street crime, use of drugs is minimal and the murder rate is very low.

Japan Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

Now that you know, you should go

Japan can be explored within two weeks which includes 7 days using the Japan Rail pass at Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka and Hiroshima, and 6 days in Tokyo. Japan is a developed country so it won’t be as cheap as South-East Asian countries however everything is reasonably priced. For me, in two weeks I brought $1500 AUD for spending money and that was perfect enough to do whatever I wanted and eat everything and anything. Last of all, Japan is fun and full of life with amazing places and people.

Visiting Japan and using the bullet trains

Travelling around in Japan is effective and fast via the bullet trains and that means you can be in a different city within hours. If you are planning a trip to Japan, we have recommendations of other cities to visit and places to see. Read our blog posts:

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