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Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco


San Francisco, the city that houses more dogs than children, the city where The Beatles performed their last concert, the city where Denim Jeans were invented by Levi Strauss for the Gold Rush miners, and the city that is rich in history and takes pride in its culture. Let us take a look what does this city has to offer for travellers and tourists.

1. Alcatraz Island

Also known as “The Rock”, Alcatraz Island is mainly known for its notorious federal penitentiary, which once accommodated felons like Al Capone, George Kelly, and Robert Stroud. In addition to the high-security Alcatraz Federal Prison, the island features the oldest operating lighthouse, remnants of the early military fortifications, rock pools, and a seabird colony.


2. Bay Cruises

While in San Francisco, a bay cruise adventure is a must-do activity for completely understanding this enchanting city. The 60-minute cruise ride provides an unobstructed view of the city’s skyline as it sails along its waterfront.

3. Cable Cars

An integral part of San Francisco’s intermodal urban transport network, the San Francisco Cable Car System is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. Established between 1873 and 1890, only three lines of the original 23 lines remain today. These cable cars are still used as a way to commute by locals, but are majorly a tourist attraction and have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cable car

4. Chinatown- The Dragon Gateway

The largest settlement of Chinese community outside Asia and the oldest in North America, Chinatown in San Francisco houses thousands of Chinese immigrants and features some of the best Chinese restaurants, hospitals, churches, parks, temples, and several other landmarks. Chinatown has its own customs, social clubs, places to worship, which help keep its traditions and customs intact.

5. The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a public learning laboratory that aims to transform learning by creating inquiry-based experiences using science, art, and human perception. Founded in 1969 by the physicist Frank Oppenheimer, the Exploratorium feeds the curiosity of its visitors through various exhibits, webcasts, events, and websites.

6. Fisherman’s Wharf

The bustling streets of Fisherman’s Wharf do not diminish its charm for tourists. A host to several events every year, Fisherman’s Wharf has a wax museum that houses the wax statues of various celebrity actors, players, and what not. Moreover, it also serves as the most popular shopping destination for visitors.

7. Golden Gate Bridge

Declared as one of the wonders of the Modern World, the Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic architectural landmark that functions as a 1.6 km wide and 2.7 km long link between the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and the Marin County.

golden gate bridge san Francisco

8. Golden Gate Park

A host to more than 13 million visitors annually, Golden Gate Park is even larger than Central Park in New York. With several museums, monuments, gardens, and playgrounds in its sprawling area of 1017 acres, the park is also a popular venue choice for a number of events, weddings, and activities.

9. Pier 39

Pier 39 is home to a huge community of sea lions, which draws several tourists. Built on a pier in San Francisco, Pier 39 offers a spectacular view of the Angel Island, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay Bridge.

10. Lombard Street

Known as the world’s most crooked street, Lombard Street is a steep, one-block section that includes eight abrupt turns in the shape of a hairpin.

San Fransisco streets

San Francisco, California is abundant in culture, history, archaeological landmarks, museums, parks, and what not! Every inch of San Francisco speaks of its challenging journey that it has taken for reaching its present stature. Therefore, travelers pack your bags and get going.

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