7 Reasons why you should not miss a chance to visit the holy lands of Israel

Jerusalem Israel

The holy land of Israel is full of rich history, artefacts, geographical and cultural treasures that makes its visit a spiritually charged experience. Despite being a nation rather small in geographical boundaries, Israel has many tourist attractions with fascinating culture and religious heritage. With so many things to do and a number of places to visit in this beautiful land full of scenic natural beauty, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches and vibrant cities along with the holy spirit that goes unnoticed, here are 7 reasons that make it must for a traveler to spend a few days in Israel:

1. Nature and its enchantments
The natural beauty of Israel never ceases to astound! With the Salty Dead Sea flowing in the East, the vast Oasis of the Negev Desert in the South, the green hills and valleys of the Galilee Region in the North and the exquisite beaches spread across, the country is a nature lover’s delight.
Special Places to see: The Dead Sea, Negev desert, Galilee valleys, Mediterranean coast.

2. Deep Sea adventures
There are unspoiled beaches with exquisite beauty for relaxation and amazing places for sea related adventures in Israel. The Red Sea in the city of Eilat is known for its clam, clear water that is great for scuba diving and snorkeling that is done throughout the year in all seasons.
Special places to see: The Red Sea, Eilat.

3. The Heart Shaped Ramon crater
Carved out by natural influences, the Ramon crater that is 40 Km long and 2 – 10 Km wide is the largest crater in the world. A breathtaking view can be got by standing on the edge of the Ramon Crater, which is located at the south of the desert.
Special places to see: Mitzpeh Ramon visiting center.

4. Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises
Probably the most alluring sunset can be witnessed while sitting by the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Relaxing environment and beautiful sunset at the Tel Aviv Beach is a treat for the tourists who enjoy walking on the gentle sand or having an appetizer at the cafes by the beach.
The Sunrises are mostly enjoyed while sitting at the top of the mountain fortress of Masada located at the South eastern regions of Israel. The mountain fortress is popular for many ancient legends and Jewish heroic tales, which make it a quite sought-after tourist location.
Places to see: Tel Aviv Beach, Masada Mountain Fortress.

5. Vibrant Nightlife of the cities
The religious connections of the nation does not stop one from enjoying the cosmopolitan culture of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. It is a city that never really sleeps and has numerous clubs, bars, cafes and a hustling and bustling night life. It is a great place to meet new people and to enjoy a night out with friends for drinks and dance.

6. Fun with festivals
Being a country with a rich and deep rooted culture and heritage, Israel has many festivals that happen throughout the year and are great to experience. From the music festivals in Galilee, Masada and Eilat to film festivals like the Haifa International film festival and Jerusalem film festival, there is a lot to learn and enjoy in all parts of Israel.
Special places to see: Galilee, Masada, Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem.

7. Unforgettable spiritual experience
Jerusalem is the capital of the holy country of Israel and literally takes you on a spiritual ride full of religious significance and a divine connection. The country is a sacred heaven of sites for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, including The Dome of the Rock, church of Holy Sepulchre, Western wall, Temple Mount along with the site of Jesus’s crucifixion.
Special places to see: Holy city of Jerusalem.

Israel not only is sacred for its holy land and culture but also takes you on a thrilling ride with its metropolitan cities and their vibrancy. One must visit this beautiful country for its rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine and scenic beauty of the sights that are as pretty as a painting.

Jerusalem Israel

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