Visiting Bangkok, Thailand? A Guide for the First-Timers

A country where more than 16 million tourists fly into each year! Thailand’s sense of cultural integrity has not been spoilt a bit by the influx of its massive tourism volumes.

From lush forest ranges, idyllic islands and sprawling highlands to the vibrant cities, Thailand takes you on a fascinating journey, something that would leave an imprint in the traveler’s heart for a lifetime.

The safest spot for the budget holidaymaker, Thailand flaunts its turquoise beaches, quaint fishing villages and Buddhist temples.

Bangkok, the capital city unfolds before a visitor with its kaleidoscope of lively moments. As a city of contrasts, Bangkok is packed with opportunities at every end, from exploring the ancient temple ruins to riding in a long tail boat across the floating markets.

Getting Around

An easy place to move around for a nomadic traveler, at Bangkok you don’t have to wait for a taxi. From arranging a bus for Vietnam to getting food at the oddest hours, everything is so flexible

Temple Run: History Laden Artefacts, Unsettling Sculptures and More…

Thailand is an abode of religious shrines, gilded towers stupas, statues and edifices. Temples enshroud within them untold histories of the glorious past of this monarchy.

Wat Rong Khun

The white iconic temple is one of the bewildering landmarks in Thailand. A major getaway to thrilling experiences, Wat Rong Khun has a narrow passageway, bordered on either sides by artificial mountains rich in faux human skulls, arms and bowls.

Wat Phra Kaew

This Buddhist Temple houses enormous stupas carved in pure gold, intricately detailed structures and halls ornate with art depicting bodhisattvas, tales of Vedas and Mahayana Buddhism. An important religious center in Thailand, Wat Phra Kaew expects visitors to adhere to a dress code as they reach the outskirts of the temple.

Dress Code at the Temple

Men and women can dress up modestly. Clothing is available for rent at the main entrance of the temple

Floating Markets and Boat-Ride Shopping

Nothing less than extraordinaire, taking a boat ride along the picturesque canals of the quaint countryside is like experiencing the lifestyle of the Thai locals. From colorful handicrafts to farm-fresh delicacies like the mackerel fried rice, floating markets bring you close to the essence of Thai life.

Welcoming Thai Crowd

Home to some of the nicest people on earth, Thailand ranks first in terms of bustling city life. People here are always ready to help you, extremely helpful and polite.

Spectacular Islands

There is no dearth of islands in Thailand, especially towards the peninsular region. These slivers of landmasses are always enchanting and the undersea scenery is equally spectacular. Put on your snorkeling vest and dive deep into the waters. Snorkeling in the open seas of islands will land you amid the agile inhabitants of the seas like the coral reefs, sharks, stingrays, eels and turtles. Islands offer a perfect spot to indulge in underwater photography. Diving accidents in these islands are a rarity! Deep diving or snorkeling in Thailand is absolutely safe. This is evident due to the fact that many tourists engage in scuba diving and there is almost zero case of accidents.

Zoos in Thailand

Be sure to visit one of the top 6 Zoos in Thailand. Read our blog post 6 Must-Visit Zoos in Thailand

A trip to Thailand will undoubtedly amaze you! Apart from being a must-visit vacation spot, Thailand is about self-exploration. It has an under-highlighted spiritual side too…

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