Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany In Italy

Tuscany Italy

Art, food and natural beauty – this is what Tuscany is famed for around the world. Nestled on the coast of Italy, Tuscany is packed with beautiful scenery, historical architecture and luscious vineyards. Well, there are plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful place, from Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’ Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, to the world famous leaning tower of Pisa.

We are sharing 10 impeccable reasons that will help in getting you excited for your trip to Tuscany, as well as to ensure that your tour is simply… PERFECT!

1. Tuscany – A birthplace of the Italian language

The amazing history of Tuscany shows how the Italian language was derived from Tuscan dialect all the way back to the Renaissance period. At the same time, the modern Italian that is spoken throughout the country today is based on the Toscano dialect altogether. Wow!

2. Our favorite Pinocchio is from Tuscany

The story of Pinocchio originated in Tuscany. Although most people associate Pinocchio with the 1940 Disney film, the original story was written by a Florence born man named Carlo Collodi in 1826 in his book-The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Parco del Monte Subasio, Assisi Italy

3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The most iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa got its name due to the poor decision to build this 15,000-ton structure on an unpredictable marshland, it is amazingly still standing today, and, still leaning!

Leaning Tower of Pisa

4. Tuscany has a ski resort

You might associate Tuscany more readily with warm weather and lush vegetation, but in winters the slopes of Mount Amiata (The largest of the lava domes in the Amiata lava dome in Tuscany) become a haven for skiers, snowboarders and hikers.

5. It’s hard to find a “Free” beach…oh!

Travelling to the beaches in Tuscany, you will observe a good few require payments to access them. The trend of paid private beaches in the place can be a little put off at first, but the result of having paid access is that the beaches are cleaner and safer than you would experience otherwise.

Parco del Monte Subasio, Assisi Italy

6. Tuscany’s Hall of Fame

Dante Alighieri wasn’t the only a famous character to take his first steps on Tuscan soil. The mathematician Fibonacci who taught the Western world the Arabic numeral system and Galileo Galilei, are both from Pisa. Tuscany has also given the art world geniuses in the form of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

7. A sword in the stone

Arthurian legend meets medieval spirituality in the Montesiepi Chapel dedicated to San Galgano. This is where the knight-turned saint Galgano Guidotti thrust his sword into the stone to renounce violence and embrace God.

Parco del Monte Subasio, Assisi Italy

8. Super Wines

Besides, Chianti-a famous wine of Tuscan, the wine producers in the 70’s decided to try something different, deviating from the standard formulas, to create pure alchemy in the vineyards surrounding Bolgheri. This is how the Super-Tuscans were born.

9. A first in the history

The Gran Duchy of Tuscany was the first state in the world to abolish the death penalty in 1786 during the Lorena rule.

Parco del Monte Subasio, Assisi Italy

10. Nutrient-Packed Cuisines

The nutrient rich soil means that the harvest flourishes and grows with intense flavors reflected in their dishes. Olive groves, cheeses and cured hams are just a few of their famed dishes, you should certainly take for a taste fest whilst on a holiday in Tuscany!

There are also many things apart from these for which Tuscany is notable, yet so many visitors pass through the region without realizing them. Next time you are in Tuscany, just don’t forget to take a great guide book too, as culture-rich Tuscany is full of hidden gems and fascinating history that you could miss if you don’t know where to explore.

Tuscany Italy

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