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Rome ColosseumWhen it comes to spending holidays in Italy, Rome presents an unparalleled charm – no other city can offer so many architectural wonders. Similarly, none of the historically significant cities of the world have been portrayed so many times, from literature and bestselling novels to movies and as postcard backgrounds. The reason lies in a delectable blend of history that tells many tales about how the modern world has shaped. The city is one of the most ancient places across the world. According to latest researches, it has been established that Roman history dates back to more than 2,500 years.

Rome Colosseum

Rome is famous for its rich culture, beautifully conserved traditional cuisine and most importantly, its monuments that stand tall in any list of important, globally-traveled places of history. Rome is one of the best research spots for archaeologists too because of its ancient mega structures including The Pantheon, Roman Forum, The Palatine Hill, Baths of Diocletian and the Roman Colosseum. The Colosseum has been depicted in Hollywood mega-productions and many TV series. However, there are things about the Colosseum that many people don’t know about. While satiating your curiosity is good, those visiting the Colosseum should know a bit more about this world heritage site.

Rome Colosseum

An Insight into the History of Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum was built around 70 – 72 A.D. as a gift to the Romans by Emperor Vespasian who belonged to the Flavian dynasty. The inauguration was done by Vespasian’s son Titus in 80 A.D. The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater. Located in the center of Rome, the Colosseum is a highly engineered mega-structure whose significance didn’t fade with time—today, it has been recreated on-screen using advanced imaging effects and the best in visual technologies but it was created at a time when human engineering was creative but technically challenged.

Rome Colosseum

With the capability of seating more than 80,000 people at any point, the Colosseum featured a retractable roof whose construction is still a mystery as the archaeologists and researches have been unable to trace the exact material and design. Even today, the massive public amphitheater stands proud. The ruins still seem to have immense structural strength to stand through a few more centuries. A special road was built from Tivoli to Rome for easing out the transportation of huge travertine blocks followed by cement, iron, brick, peperino, marble, volcanic rock and porous.

It was constructed for entertaining the Romans and the Colosseum hosted a variety of events including animal hunts, public executions and gladiator competitions. Yes, in essence, the Colosseum is the king among Roman amphitheaters. Its grandeur stands unchallenged, stoic and loved by visitors from across the world!

Rome Colosseum

Some Interesting Facts About Colosseum

  • The Roman Amphitheater has 80 entrances and you may get confused easily because of its huge size and the number of entrances. This is why visiting the site with an educated, native guide is a good option
  • The Roman Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world with the height of 48 meters and area up to 6 acres.
  • It is one of the most visited tourist places in the world with more than 5 million people every year. The rush seems to last throughout the year. However, the numbers can be daunting around during summer breaks and around the Holiday Season when more plan their itinerary around visiting the Vatican
  • It took less than 10 years to build the Roman Colosseum. The construction of such a huge structure in so less time was majorly because of 60,000 Jewish slaves who worked under seemingly impossible conditions
  • The Colosseum survived two major earthquakes that occurred in 847 A.D. and 1231 A.D. Since it was built more than a 1000 years ago, without using any modern technologies, the inherent stability of the structure is still a challenge for the modern world to resolve
  • The Colosseum is equally massive in terms of the underground space. Not many visitors know of the Hypogeum – an underground structure where slaves, animals and prisoners were housed. This is often missed in regular Rome travel guides

Rome Colosseum

2 Major Pearls of Wisdom from the Experienced Traveler!

Skip the Lines

It may sound crazy but you can skip long lines while visiting The Roman Colosseum. The first way to skip the line is by booking a guided tour from a travel port. With this, you will be able to save time and gather more information. The second option is buying a ticket in advance from the Palatine Hill that is situated in Via San Gregorio No. 30 and Piazza Santa Maria Nova No. 53 that is 200 meters away from the Colosseum. You can visit Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum as well with this ticket. The third is to use to Roma Pass. You can visit many other tourist spots with this pass.

Rome Colosseum

Reach the Roman Colosseum before 8:30 a.m. and Revisit at Night

Entrance gates of the Colosseum usually open at around 8:30 a.m. and you will be able to get inside without waiting much. It is better to arrive before 8:30 a.m. You will be able to witness an amazing sunrise and click some great shots. Secondly, you should revisit the Colosseum at night. This may sound a bit weird but according to travelers, beauty of the magnificent structure takes upon a new look at night — something that cannot be fathomed in words! Camp under the twilight sky filled with stars and witness one of the most amazing experience of your life. You will also get a chance to see the sunrise, which is dramatic, as described by seasoned travel bloggers.

Rome Colosseum

If you are planning a trip to Rome, visiting the Roman Colosseum is a must-do but try to plan your trip a bit. These tips will help you extract more from your trip, save time, explore more, gather more insight and dig deeper into the history of Rome – though of infinite proportions, very charming and worthy of visiting again, and again.

Rome Colosseum

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