Florence, Birthplace of Renaissance: Things to Do & Explore

Florence ItalyThe book of life seems incomplete until it is not filled with something interesting to explore, perhaps places that seem to have been plucked from history books or novels that speak about the grandeur of arts, crafts, culture and language. We invite you to read and explore about a place that is regarded as the birthplace of Renaissance—Florence.

The city is like the world’s capital for everything related to vintage crafts, heritage sites, and emerging forms of art.

Visitors here just cannot soak-in enough of the art galleries, stoic architectural pieces, landmark museums or just the overall soul of the city that is progressive, unliberated and everyone seems to have an educated opinion!

What to explore in Florence?

The utterly irresistible, cradle of the Renaissance, offers an enchanting and romantic city that is not just famous for the architectural pieces but also takes pride it talking about Uffizi Galleries and the exquisite mixture of art and cultural trends that seem to have imbibed every form of self-expression that made an impact across Europe, in many occasions, across the world.

Florence is not about exploring vibrant restaurants and nightlife scenes but yes for those who need to rest their intellectual pursuits and want to dance away the night, there are plenty of options, some surprisingly budgeted along with some marquee party destinations. Italian culinary delights, some with an international twist, are easy to find.

However, the real flavor lies in the city’s history…there is too much of it and there are infinite options to catch-up with it. From old masters synchronizing world-famous operas to classical music renditions, the city overwhelms you in many ways. Then, contemporary art galleries give way to small alleys that sell some of the most amazing quirky gift shops.

Florence Italy

Boutique Shopping

Not just the epicenter of Renaissance but also the origin of homegrown designer like Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence continues to make its presence felt with more haute-couture boutiques grabbing attention today whereas the trend started during the early 1920s. Some other A-listed fashion houses like lace Via de’ Tornabuoni continue to the trend with their glorious creations, and medieval–styled backstreets often lead to fashion studios where getting served is known only to Hollywood A-listers.

While taking a walk along the busy streets, you might want to stop and spend time at establishments owned by fourth-generation Florentine goldsmiths and shoemakers working hard to serve customers with fine ornaments created with craftsmanship standards that now seem extinct. Daytime markets often include local farm produce and crafts sourced from the countryside. Make temporary stopovers at different pockets of the city that sell amazing souveniers to carry back home, and artisan workshops which help you understand why design and creativity are within the DNA of Florence. Along most routes, you will have the Tuscan sea breeze as your faithful partner!

Florence Italy

Food and Wine

One perennial entry in any Florence travel journal is the food and wine—there is so much of it and even there, the old-world charm is surreal. Expect Italian cuisine in its purest form, still safeguarded from the takeaway culture. Keep yourself busy at amazing wine bars and wine tours. There is always a local wine, a flavor that you might not have experienced so far. Take plenty of sips as you maneuver through the neighborhoods that are seldom talked about but are picturesque. You will come across modern cafés that entice you to linger over coffee, some American-styled but mostly with the killer Italian texture.

There is a lot of variety too, including pour-over brews and you might want to spend time interacting with food-minded folks who are willing to explain the local wine culture or cuisine. Wine bars in the city center are a combination of class and style, offering wonderful wines and a thoughtful selection of delightful meals. You can stop at famous restaurants like I Due Fratellini to have your perfect midday meal or just try the amazing combination of sandwiches that tantalize your taste buds.

The Famous Accademia Gallery Museum

A trip to Florence would be incomplete without viewing the world-famous statue of David—this masterpiece was created by the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo. Located in the Accademia Gallery Museum in Florence, the art piece continues to grab attention of international visitors. Visiting this museum is also about being in the presence of artistic wonders created by great Italian artists like Andro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Pontormo, Andrea del Sarto, Allessando Allori and Orcagna, each of them having contributed to the global art scene with creations that have no parallels. Admire them, be awed, be overwhelmed and create memories for a lifetime!

Statue of David

michelangeloStatue of DavidStatue of David

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