Making a Memorable Trip to Vienna, Austria

Vienna happens to be one of the most musical, charming and lively city. The Austria’s capital is full of wonderful places that you can admire. Vienna has flourishing art, picturesque landscapes, concert halls, theatres, museum, and impressive and buildings. The tradition and the stunning architecture of the city are just enough to blow your mind. Vienna’s old buildings and art give you a peek into the city’s glorious history. Here, we have clubbed seven things to do and see in Vienna, Austria.

1. City Hall
Built in 19th century, the Vienna Rathaus or city hall was one of the most expensive of all the monumental buildings in the city. One must catch a glimpse of Rathaus at night, as it is truly breathtaking. The knight holding lance at the top of the hall is one of its biggest attractions.

2. Hofburg Palace
Hofburg is the former imperial palace in the center of Vienna. It was the home base of the Habsburgs who rule the Austria-Hungarian Empire from 15th till 20th century. Now, it houses the Austrian president’s offices, along with some museums and art pieces reflecting the old era.

3. Lipizzaner Horses Performance
Book your tickets to watch live Lipizzaner horses dancing performance accompanied by the classical Viennese music at Spanish Riding School. This is something you should put in your must watch list, as the performance is a combination of class and beauty.

4. Copa Cagrana
Situated near Reichsbrucke in Vienna, Copa Cagrana is a lively bar and restaurant established in the 1980s. This is a radiant place to spend your evenings and nights at. Cocktails, loud music and flashing lights will make your pound. The place is perfect for those who love to dance, as the music plays till the early morning hours.

5. Lainzer Tiergarten
Vienna’s wildest park, where deer and boar roam free. Enjoy a long walk in Lainzer Tiergarten. It is a wildlife reserve in the southwest corner of Vienna, Austria. It has been open for public since 1919. Near this wildlife park, Hermsevilla is located, which serves as a museum, a restaurant and a cafe.

6. Stephansplatz
Stephansplatz is a square at center of Vienna, named after most prominent building. Visit stephansplatz and admire St. Stephen’s – known to be one of the tallest cathedrals in the world. It is the building that gives the square its name. Nearby Graben and Kanten are two of Vienna’s most popular central streets where you will find some of the trendiest boutiques.

7. Alte Donau
Alte Donau is one of the most exciting places in Vienna. It is a recreational area that attracts number of tourists by its beauty and highly ecological niche. Spend your leisure in Alte Donau – the finest place for your weekend getaway.

Book your ticket to Vienna and explore unique blend of imperial traditions, modern architecture and stunning nature. The cultural events, beautiful sights, coffee houses will blow your mind away. The city of art, culture and music is known for its outstanding infrastructure and sightseeing. Visit the above listed places and experience the very special Viennese charm.


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