Find Out Why Venice Is the Most Romantic Place to Visit?

Venice romantic city

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Floating City of Italy is lovely and charming throughout the year. Also, Venice is a perfect destination for a romantic tour. The magical city will surely catch your eyes for its beautiful bridges, Grand Canal, Gondola and more.

The city is filled with tourist attractions and it’s hard to decide where to begin. There are more than 170 boat canals which connect the city so that people can easily travel. You will love to take hundreds of photographs while crossing the bridges. Although all the pictures would look the same, they will be magical in their own way. You will experience a wonderful sight while standing in the middle of the breathtaking awesome Piazza San Marco.

water taxi at Venice

The city is literally a maze of canals, small streets, colorful buildings and erratic bridges. And, at times you need to prepare to find yourself lost a time or two. Every time you get lost in the streets, you will explore more about Venice. Another reason to wander all day long throughout Venice is the number of galleries, museums and church/cathedrals. Just visit the random little cafes, beautiful old buildings while walking on the streets. The artistic architecture of the buildings enhances the beauty of the city. The architecture is alone enough to just stop and stare. So, if you are still giving a second thought to visit the visiting the city of canals, here we are providing you with some interesting reasons to explore Venice.


Gondolas! Gondola! Water Taxi!

Taking a trip to Venice and failing to ride a Gondola would not be considered as a complete trip to this beautiful city. There are almost 350 gondolas and 400 gondoliers in the city of Venice. A Gondola is 11 meters long and weighs 600 Kgs. The traditional boats have been used for transport around the city for more than 10 Centuries. Highly trained men known as Gondoliers operate the Gondolas.

Venice town centre

Trip down to the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal splits the city into two parts, sweeping through the heart of Venice. The Grand Canal is a giant reverse S curve. The Rialto Bridge is the only bridge across the Grand Canal. It is the favorite spot of the tourist; posing for photographs and watching the boats always passing under it. While traveling in a Gondola and passing through the Grand Canal, you can see various attractive spots such as Santa Maria Della Salute, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Corner Della Ca’ Grande, Museum. Now we move on to another breathtaking place known as St Mark’s Square.

venice water levels

Venice’s largest square

The St. Mark’s Square is a good place to gather, chat, and have a cup of coffee, shop, work or play. It is the only square in Venice with the name of the Piazza rest are called as Campo. St. Mark’s Square is one of the finest squares in the world. As one of the primary attraction of the city, the Square is surrounded by an arcade of public buildings, Basilica di San Marco’s and St. Mark’s Campanile. Also, people wait for their turn to visit the famous church of Venice called St. Mark’s Basilica. The mosaics, golden altar, beautiful chapels, and treasury make it one of the best-loved destination of tourists in Venice.

One must visit such a magical, romantic place with so much to do and see. Come, fall in love with the city. Venice Cuisine will please your Gourmands with its simple taste, seasonal and local ingredients.

Venice main town centre

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