Travel Guide to Tokyo: Top 6 Places You Should Include in Your Itinerary

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is among few of those world cities, which are still in touch with their culture amidst all the technological advancements. The city is known for its vintage collection and is equally popular for its contemporary art. Besides popular museums, theatres, and festivals, it also has some baffling attractions to keep you coming back. Here is a guide to top places in Tokyo you must visit.

1. The Imperial Palace: Breathe in the Royal Air

Being the main residence of the Emperor of Japan, the Imperial palace must make it to your tour list. However, the palace is open to public only on two specific dates: on New Year’s greeting (Jan 2) and emperor’s birthday (Dec 23). And, if you happen to visit Tokyo during that time, you can get to see the beautiful inner palace building, gardens and even members of the royal family, making several appearances on the balcony. However, the Imperial Palace East Garden, which surrounds the palace, is open to the public throughout the year. It is quite common to find people jogging around there at evening. Also on every Sunday, there are 150 bikes, which are offered for free for paddling around the palace.

shrine tokyo japan

2. Cat Café: Coffee with Cats

This is one of the Tokyo specialties, which you would not find anywhere else. Other than the predictable tables and chairs, you will find baskets and cat-trees. Here, you can play with the well-groomed adorable cats while enjoying a sip. This might puzzle a first time on-looker but the city has its reasons. Considering the fact that Tokyo apartments do not allow pets, the cafes have been turned to full blown feline places to nurture the pet love of the native citizens. If you are a cat lover, you will definitely love being there. Other than that, you can also enjoy Wi-Fi, TV, games and magazines.

Cate Cafe Tokyo Japan Cate Cafe Tokyo Japan

3.Tokyo Tower: The Sky-High View

Get a reminiscent of your Paris trip by visiting the Tokyo Tower. Influenced by the Eiffel Tower, this 333-meter-tall tower, although used primarily for communication purpose, is also a popular tourist site. There is a special observation platform built just for the tourists, so that they can take a 360-degree panorama view of the city. Popularly called the symbol of Tokyo, it is illuminated at night and its light pattern is changed every season.

4.Ryogoku Kokugikan: The Real Wrestling Match

If you are looking for authentic Japanese experience, you should by no chance miss the Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall. Watching the giant Sumo wrestlers in live action is again something, which is true blue Tokyo in nature. It hosts three professional Grand Sumo Tournaments every year, where you can also meet the champions personally. Besides, feeling all up close the champions, you can also enjoy the parade, classic move demonstration by former champions and relive the excitement with post-match dinner at one of Ryogoku’s various eateries.

5. Tokyo National Museum: For the Art Cravers

If you have even a little bit of love for art, you should definitely visit this museum. This national museum has more than 100,000 art pieces of Japanese and Chinese. The museum has works as old as 6th century, for example, Buddhist sculptures, historical weapons and Japanese clothing as well as ceramics and pottery, common to Asia. Also, present there are important paintings made between the period from 7th to 14th century and many fine examples of calligraphy.

6.Tokyo Station: Wander, Meander and Come Full Circle

Enjoy the modern Japanese culture at the underground alleys of Tokyo station. From popular Ramen restaurants to the home land of Pokémon, you can experience the true Japanese culture at its full hustle bustle. You can easily spend your whole day here. Character street is a good stop to collect souvenirs. From giant departmental cloth stores to eateries, they have got it all.

Subway Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Japan

Relish both cultural and modern sides of Tokyo and enrich your city experience. From strange to adorable sights, this heavily populated city is worth exploring to the core.

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