I caught the travel bug

Traveling is an addiction. When you are traveling, on vacation or doing a short adventure, you feel alive. When you are in your day-to-day life, traveling is all you think about. You look at your photos and videos and feel post-holiday depression. You post them on social media with “#throwback to the time I was in … ” hoping to get over 100 likes to boost your self-esteem.

I love traveling however it shouldn’t be a way to escape your bad reality. I believe it is important to return to a good life, good home and a job you love. Traveling is a way to reward yourself, explore new places and experience things you wouldn’t experience at home.

With me, I caught the travel bug and I just had to go somewhere at least once a year. The photo below is my ritual. I pose in front of the Sydney International Departure sign, post it on my profile and I get over 200 likes with well wishes. Why? Because we all know the feeling of excitement when you are departing for your holiday.

Recently, I have had the privilege to travel five times within 17 months. A lot of my friends would ask me how I am able to manage my travel, how I afford it and asking me a few questions on these topics. I remember the time when I used to be in that position. Not knowing how to go about planning or organising a trip. Not knowing how much things cost and if I was able to afford it. So I decided to refresh my blog and focus on adding value to my readers with insight, tips and advice on all things travel.

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Cheers! Mishy xoxo

Hello Mishy – A photo to make your friends jealous


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I am an addicted traveler based in Sydney, Australia and I explored Europe, North & South America, East Asia & South-East Asia. I love sharing my travel knowledge, I want to benefit my readers and give valuable travel advice.

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