Top 10 Things to do in Rome

Museum for history buffs and a wonderland for art lovers, the eternal city of Rome warmly welcomes anyone who wants to unearth its natural beauty. Rome has the power to surprise with its eclectic architecture and places that seem to be still stuck in 16th century. Read on to find about the best things to do in Rome and make your every hour count in the pleasant weather of the ethereal city.

1. Roam around Roman Forum

Happened to be the ancient Rome’s center of attention, the Roman forum was a district of temples and basilicas. The place that once used to look magnificent turned to ruins after the fall of Roman Empire. Located between Rome’s popular hills, the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, the forum today is a collection of arches, columns, and some scattered marbles.

Roman Forum

2. Saunter through Capitoline Museums

Brought to life in 1471, this is one of the world’s oldest museums. You can appreciate the masterpieces of Titan, Rubens and Caravaggio in the picture gallery. The collection of iconic sculptures, including sculpture of Romulus and Remus under a wolf is one more reason to include this museum in your itinerary.


3. Stroll into the Piazza Navona

Located in central Rome, Piazza Navona is a showcase square filled with colorful troupes of street artists and tourists. The most prominent attraction is the fountain, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, which shows personification of rivers Nile, Ganges, Danube and Plate.

Rome River

4. Get Thrilled at Colosseum

One of the most exciting sights in ancient Rome, Colosseum was a gladiator arena. It used to host fights of gladiators with animals or among the gladiators. Now a ruin, its architecture is still a reminiscent of Rome’s glorious past.

Rome Colosseum

5. Collect Souvenirs at Monti’s Vintage Market

Located in the neighborhood of Colosseum, Monti hosts a market every weekend. The urban bazaar offers you everything from retro clothing to handicrafts from top designers. The place displays a true fusion of contemporary art and vintage fashion.

6. Enjoy a film at Casa Del Cinema without paying a penny

Launched in 2001, the Casa Del Cinema is a wish come true for movie lovers. It also gives you a chance to interact with directors, producers and even stars! Expect to see all-time classics in original languages and some remarkable films from the Venice film festival.

7. Treat the artist in you at Vatican Museums

Found in 16th century, Vatican Museums have one of the largest art collection in the world. The exhibition hall is 7 km long featuring ancient mummies to contemporary art. You can easily find the work from the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael.


8. Get awestruck by St Valentine’s skull

The flower crowned skull of Saint Valentine is sure to fill you with feelings of wonder and admiration. Caged in a golden box and surrounded by candles and bouquets, the sight is an intriguing attraction, along with the Roman temple where it is located.

9. Relish contemporary art at Sala 1

Holding the title of city’s first gallery ever to feature experimental and contemporary art, Sala 1 offers a dynamic art exhibition, which is unlikely to be found anywhere else in the city.

10. Visit the Pantheon

This 2000-year-old church is one of the few monuments in Rome, which have been well preserved. The place was originally built as a temple. It is truly an exhilarating experience to gaze at the largest unreinforced dome ever built.


Rome is one of those amazing places in the world, which have a vast and rich history. Its architecture, museums and churches are sure to give you a glimpse of civilization that thrived there 2500 years ago. Be a free bird and explore the city as much as you want.

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