When is the best time to visit New York – summer or winter? You Decide!

New York City

A home to artists, every foodie’s delight, dream-come-true for serial shoppers, New York is not just limited to one thing. Known for its marvelous architecture and feasting atmosphere, the city has so much to offer to every type of visitor, from globe-trotting tourists to sports fanatics and those trying to soak-in the best of multi-cultural influences. Any travel planner will tell you that you must visit this magical city at least once in your lifetime. Everything about the city is reasonably well mapped and yet, it manages to startle, surprise and entice you – every NY locale and destination comes with a sprinkling of flavor unique to this part of the world. From its corporate high towers to financial suburbs and a nightlife with no challengers, New York City has something for every traveler. However, one question that any NY traveler is bound to come across – when is the best time to travel, summers or winter, any particular time of the year, when does NY become too wintery, any particular discount seasons, etc.

The real answer is ‘anytime’ is good.

There is no specific time that makes New York so lovable. The schedule primarily depends upon your suitability. Yes, there are different aspects to traveling in summers or winters — let’s have a look at them…

Travelling to New York in Summer


New_York_central_ParkSummer season in New York is vibrant. There is cheerfulness all around. People roam freely as higher temperatures draw people from their concrete towers, pushing them towards the coast, asking them to drive around, hike, explore daytrips, and indulge in self-explored gastronomic delights.

Advantages of visiting New York in summers

Traveling in Summers Doesn’t Stress Your Wallet: this is something that many travelers fail to realize but traveling to New York in the summer season may prove to be inexpensive. The city has the reputation of being unforgivingly overpriced but summers can be seriously discount-friendly. You can get hotels easily with great discounts. Moreover, there are shopping sales with serious savings on the horizon. Expect to find some free or very cheap events and concert tickets during summers. Just plan ahead. Don’t make extended reservations as discounts tend to pour-in unannounced. Just be vigilant. Create alerts on your smartphone and try to hook into the local wisdom of seasoned NY natives and travelers.

Traveling seems more pleasant for many NY tourists: NY winters are notorious for unleashing freezing temperatures. Though globally acclaimed for its perfect infrastructure, this is not when you can explore the city on foot or eat-out all the time. Summers are refreshingly easy-going, not extreme to the extent of burning your skin. Rent a bike, get hold of cab-rides during summers to explore NY outside the realm of a travel catalogue — it can be shockingly fulfilling!

New_York_CityNew York

Some Disadvantages of Traveling New York in Summers

Depends upon what is too HOT for you: yes there days when the temperature might clock 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For most folks, even in this temperature range, the city and its non-cosmopolitan locales are very inviting. Yes, those from summer-only parts of the world might find this a bit upsetting.
You’ll Miss the SNOW!: snow that falls around Christmas is one of the best sights to encounter in New York. Summer might bring in more partying crowds but Holiday Season in NY is something that travel bloggers will prescribe to anyone suffering from mid-life crisis. Snow season in NY is like valium for the sleep deprived…instantly happy, the type of bliss seen on travel postcards!
It also rains too and umbrellas do not work in New York City. There are so many people, you are in and out of the subway, and it can be very humid. A poncho will get you sweaty. Be sure to have fashionable gum boots and a wind proof and water proof jacket.

yellow cabs in new york

Traveling to New York in Winter

Winter is perhaps the more recommended season to explore the lovely NY city. The Holiday atmosphere, complete with cocoa indulgences, chilly winds and snowfall takes away that typically cosmopolitan aura of the city. Unlike summers, there is perhaps no letdown that you might encounter. The most apprehensive souls are bound to melt watching the ice skating enthusiasm. From Rockefeller Center to Wolman Rink Central Park and Winter Village or Bryant Park and City Ice Pavilion – winter-struck NY is the unofficial skating capital of the world!

New York Snow

Perhaps the only Downside to a Winter NY Vacation

Expect overpriced goods all around: With more travelers descending on NY streets, including New Year party-hoppers and honeymooning couples, accommodation options can get seriously pricey or just dry-up. Remember, you are traveling to one of America’s most celebrated cities that engages global tourists every, single month. The winter rush will bite you.

Don’t fool yourself into believing ‘being stranded’ happens only in movies: There are bouts of heavy snowfall, not for hours but days, and this is when the city transforms, almost seems to have cocooned itself in heaps of snow. While major transit routes remain open and safe, believing that you can fast-track your arrival at a destination via some shortcuts is a huge mistake. The city is often snowed under. This is when assistance is slow, though not remote, and you might find yourself stuck.

A trip to New York in any season is bound to create memories to be shared and cherished. Perhaps you can visit NY in each season – summers and winters?

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