Santiago: 11 Wonderful Facts You Should Know


Santiago, the capital and the largest city of Chile is a place to visit once in a life time. There are various wonderful facts about the city that attract tourists here in the city. Santiago is blessed with spellbinding scenic beauties for its proximity to the mountains of the Central Valley and the Pacific Ocean. It is nestled between the Andes and the Pacific making it one of the perfect tourist spots in the world. If you a fan of trekking, sunbathing, skiing, climbing, and wine, Santiago is the place for you! The city has a unique sense of cultural integrity which is reflected in its every aspect. It is known for its cleanliness and safety when compared to the other South American neighbours.

The city of Santiago boasts of a variety of interesting spots, including museums, theatres for cultural events, courts for delightful Chilean cuisine, picturesque landscapes. And if they are not enough, then the local crafts and a plenty of wine are always there to greet you!

As the city is abundant with the bounties of nature, it presents an opportunity for you to soak in them and enjoy yourself. The place has the essence of the colonial era, but the atmosphere here is equally modern.

Here are a few interesting facts about Santiago, which will tempt you to visit this place once in your lifetime.

1. Santiago’s Subway Art

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Santiago has one of the most extensive metro systems in the country. It holds beautiful expressions of the modern and contemporary art culture in every corner. The subway stations of the city have their own art that depicts an array of murals, sculptures, paintings and fashionable designs. The Universidad de Chile Station has a vast mural depicting about the colonial history of the country.

2. Santiago’s Dog Houses

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The city has a vast population of street dogs and as we travel in and around the city you can see them in every corner. But, these dogs are given a proper attention and they are well-fed and nicely treated by the people. The city has numerous dog houses in the parks for the dogs’ safety.

3. Santiago’s Cemetery Art

Santiago cementry

Santiago has the most exquisite and impressive Cementerio General. It is occupied with several grand mausoleums, ornate graves, obelisks and statues and has nearly 2 million burials, which include President Salvador Allende’s massive family mausoleum.

4. Santiago’s Swimming Pools with a View

Spend your leisure time by rejuvenating in the swimming pools of the city. The swimming pools of the city provide great refreshing experience as they are designed in a way that they lets you enjoy the exotic view of the nature.

5. Santiago’s Street Art

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If the city’s subway art is expressive, then its street art is nothing short of classic! Santiago’s Buenos Aires has an array of amazing street art scenes that offers different vibes to the city. The street art has the interesting color foreplay with extensive designs and attractive masterpieces.

6. Santiago’s Vintage Style Phone Booths

The city has the old-fashioned phone booths that are both functional and decorative at the same time. These vintage style phone booths depict the glory of the colonial rule.

7. Santiago’s Pizza Machines at the Subway Stations

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The subway stations of the city are known for their pizza baking machines. You can bake the pizza’s at the subway station and satisfy your taste birds. All it takes is to select the topping of your choice and wait for three minutes for the streaming pizza in your hand. That’s for me!

8. Santiago’s Pablo Neruda’s final resting place

For those, who love literature, there is something for you as well here in Santiago. Pablo Neruda was one of the famous writers of the post-colonial era and his death was a topic of argument that lasted for decades. The city has the Pablo Neruda’s final resting place that pays a wonderful tribute to the writer.

9. Santiago’s Multitasking Bench in Parks with Pedals

Multitasking Benches in parks of the city have been the face of Santiago for years now. You can visit the parks of the city where you can not only relax, but can enjoy the lower body workout as little foot pedals are installed in front of the benches.

10. Santiago’s Contrast in the Architecture

Santiago Buildings

The city is designed with a vast contrast between the colonial houses and the glass towers in Providencia with the traditional German half-timbered houses that showcase various sides of the Santiago’s society.

11. Santiago’s Parque Bicentenario

You can enjoy your leisure time in the city’s park where you get free sun chairs and umbrellas to rest. The park is amongst the most beautiful outdoor spaces with natural scenes where there are wide green spaces and flamingos are swimming in the pond.

Apart from all these, Santiago is the financial, cultural, and political center of Chile. The most interesting thing about the city is that it is named after the biblical figure St. James. It cityscape constitutes several stand-alone hills along with the fast-flowing Mapocho River.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post about Santiago ~ I’m heading there/and other parts of Chile in Feb for a couple of weeks. Just found out so in the preliminary planning stages…

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