Some Interesting Things to try in Osaka

dotonboriA city marching on the beats of its own drum, Osaka is a cure to Tokyo’s hectic life. Osaka is a famous tourist attraction site located at the estuary mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay at the south coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island.

Take a trip to Osaka, water city of Japan and explore its distinct culture and dialect, with many masses describing their city as “Japan’s anti-capital”.

Here are some travel guidelines, if you plan to explore a city with unexpected architectural gems, amazing shopping options, and a lively culinary scene well known by the phrase “kuidaore”- eat until you drop.

Discovering Osaka, it is time to look at the insights

Osaka (formally known as Nainwa), Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, is famous for its modern architecture, night life and hearty street food. Take a trip to this amazing destination and surround yourself with the beauty of peach and cherry blossom Sakura trees.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Cruise in Osaka- Invest In Cruise and Cherish the Memories that Last Forever

Spring is the time for trees to bloom and it is also the perfect time for environment lovers to discover Sakura festival in Japan. If you are one of those nature lovers, enrich your experience and cover yourself with this pink and white blanket of Sakura trees on the banks of Sumida River while taking the Sakura cherry blossom cruising tour in Kachidoki, Tokyo!
Enhance your cruising experience by taking a cruise ride into some 5000 cherry trees lined on the banks of Sumida River. The seemingly endless rows of cherry trees can be viewed from a pleasant riverside promenade or from ships cruising on the river.

Tourists are drawn to Osaka every year from different parts of the world by majestic palaces, statues, and villas, as well as by the carefully tended gardens. Each spring, dozens of varieties of cherry trees bloom in Osaka, and visitors are treated to time-honored Hanami crowd.

Explore the Historical Sites of Osaka in Shitennoji Temple “Where Comfort Meets the Historical Charm”

Osaka is famous for its culture, food, and tradition. Take a trip to your inner self and do a spiritual journey to Shitennoji Temple in Osaka. This famous temple got built in the year 593 by prince Shotoku. Shotoku introduced Buddhism there and since then the culture and the architectural design of 6th century has been preserved. This beautiful monument is also famously known as the Buddhist altar in Osaka.

Osaka Castle- Journey that is Perfect and Majestic

Who does not want to build their own castle? While cruising in the city of Osaka, you will come across the magnificent Osaka Castle, surrounded by Nishinomaru Park. Its wide lawn has more than 4000 cheery trees, making it a perfect picnic spot that attracts the maximum tourists to this site.

osaka castle

Sooshi Cooking Classes in Osaka – “where eating is necessary but cooking is an art”

If cooking is your hobby, it’s time for you to reignite the passion with these special cooking classes in Osaka.

Osaka, famous for its culinary traditions, also enables you to learn its unique dishes. With a maximum of eight participants, these cooking classes include a guide, a cooking instructor, and an optional sake and beer taster. You will surely enjoy this 2.5-hour cooking session and learn some of the most exotic mouthwatering dishes of Japan, which will also include its all famous green tea, ‘takoyaki’ (octopus’ balls) and miso soup.

fugu pufferfish

Evening Food and Drink Tour in Osaka- “Drink that Makes Other People More Interesting”

If you are a food lover and love testing the street food then this place is surely going to please your taste buds. The markets of Tenma and Kyobashi night markets sample some delicious food and distinctive meals including kushi kushi katsu (fried on the sticks), dote Nikomi (slow cooked beef), and tonpei yaki (a grilled pork and egg fish).

Dotonbori Walking Tour in Osaka

Dotonbori, one of the busiest, vibrant, and bustling tourist attraction sites in Osaka, is famous for its trading point and official entertainment region since 1600s. A visit to this beautiful place includes the traditional form of entertainment. This amusing side of Osaka is famous for its nightlife and entertainment district, where you will explore the abundant culinary options to choose from the wide range of restaurants. This traditional Place includes food chains from Kinryu Ramen which is famous for its 24/7 food chain service. Explorers can satisfy their hunger with cuisines from different places in Osaka in this noisiest region and savor a delicious buffet lunch out there.


Spring is the perfect time to experience the beauty of cherry blossom Sakura trees and get in touch with the Hanami crowd – crowd that celebrates the Sakura festival. If you are a nature lover, you can add this destination in your itinerary and experience the beauty of this majestic place filled with joy, harmony, and comfort.

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