Hamburg Travel Guide – Places to Visit, Activities to do and Food to Eat

Hamburg Germany

Hamburg has got to its head a bold claim – the gateway to the world, but the city surely lives up to its name. The port city of Germany welcomes tourists from all over the world and is known for its rich history, grand hotels, beautiful inner city lakes, fabulous dining spots, bars, and brothels. Shipping is one of the major industries here and the city is affluent in all terms. For travelers, there is a lot to explore in this German city. For those who are still unaware of the lovely tales of Hamburg, here is a brief travel guide of this travelers’ paradise:

Places to Visit

The Port of Hamburg

More popularly known as the Hamburger Hafen, the port of Hamburg is undoubtedly the city’s most notable tourist attraction. It is spread over a vast area of 100 kms. The locals call the harbor as the gateway to Germany and a boat ride across the harbor is a real treat for visitors. Tours to the harbor normally depart from Landungsbrücken taking travelers to several tourist sites.

Hamburg Germany Port

Great Lakes of Hamburg

Another beautiful thing that travelers find inside the Hamburg city is its mesmerizing lakes. The most picturesque views of the historical city lie in its lakes. The pedestrian areas along the lakes make up for a great stroll. There are many internal lakes in Hamburg where tourists from all over the world turn up to get refreshed and rejuvenated.

Hamburg Beach

Things to Do

Visit the Flohschanze market

Every Saturday morning the streets of Sternschanze are flooded with hundreds of stalls selling old-fashioned clothes, classic paintings and books, crystal chandeliers, luxurious antiques, and piled boxes of bric-a-brac at just €1 an item.

Hamburg Germany

Satisfy your Shopping Cravings at Maison Suneve

A creation of local stylists, Katharina Czemper and artist Mathieu Voirin, Maison Suneve is a boutique store that exhibits a distinct mix of uncluttered black and white outfits and colorful graphic prints.

Hamburg Beach

Visit the Red Light District – Reeperbahn

The nightlife scene is a lot of fun given that you are with a group of friends. There is a strip full for bars and clubs closely located together and it is an experience worth visiting.

Reeperbahn red light district Hamburg Germany

Food to Eat

Famous Hamburgers of Hamburg

Hamburg is home to some good restaurants that serve the original hamburger. Today we see many tweaked versions of hamburgers at different locations but the original one comes from this German city. Beef from German cows minced and mixed with different ingredients such as garlic, onions, salts, and pepper is served in the form of patties, taking you on a delicious culinary drive.

Beach bar Hamburg GermanyBeach bar Hamburg Germany

Have some Fine Wine at Sky view bars in Hamburg

Hamburg is very famous for its sky view bars that provide you a great view of the mesmerizing city along with some good German and foreign wines. Set back and relax, dip yourself completely in the amazing ambience around, with some amazing people and wines.

Hamburg is undoubtedly a hidden treasure of this planet and there is more than one reason you should give this lovely place a visit. The beauty of the city cannot be described in few words; it requires days to explore the magical places of this wonderful German city.

Hamburg Germany Port City

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