Some Crazy Facts About Why You Will Never Get Over Paris

Eiffel Tower Paris

Most of us are familiar with Paris as a trending travel location, and there is no doubt that Paris stands tall in the list of most happening cities across the globe!

Paris continues to be a blend of historical influences, different architecture styles, cosmopolitan aura and the unmistakable whiff of passion in everything, from infinite wine selections to gourmet chocolates.

Paris is a hub for travelers, food lovers, artists, FIFA fanatics, and fashion designers. There are a lot of things that bind Paris together, some remain etched in the city’s unique environment while others continue to evolve.

The people here invariably gravitate towards culture with fine art and music around every corner in the city’s landscape. From bag-packers to honeymooning couples, from international students to curious tourists ticking off must-travel locales from their bucket list, there is no traveler who can resist the temptation of being drawn towards and overwhelmed by Paris – we delve deeper into what creates this magic…

The City of Love, Perhaps Mushy Capital of the World

Paris remains largely romanced, from sitcoms to movies, references in biographies of people who lifestyles leave us dreamy-eyed. Perhaps, one of the most recommended destination for couples, the city is undoubtedly romantic. It is also known as the “City of Lights” because it played a leading role during Age of Enlightenment and it was one of the first European cities that adopted gas street lightening. The city wasn’t always known/called as “Paris”—it was originally Lutetia, the city itself and Eiffel Tower was meant to be a temporary thing as it was constructed to stand for only 20 years. This is just one of the many wonderful insights into Paris. Below is a picture showing the last remains of the bridges of the love locks, where they removed them for permanently.

Love Lock Paris Bridge

Riding High on Your Good Judgment without Real Traffic Rules

Just in case you adore long drives no matter whether it’s a drive on highways or on the streets, you would love driving in Paris because there is only one stop sign located in 16th arrondissement near the exit gate of a company! Those who do not follow traffic rules may have good time because Paris has very little semblance of traffic rules. The traffic system is laid back and everyone gives the way to those coming from the right side.

Make Love without Worrying about Finding Protection

There is something hard-to-explain about why Paris seems to ignite carnal desires though this is not a scientifically established fact. But ask eternal travelers and read-up on international travel blogs to arrive at the same conclusion. Not just its aphrodisiac influence, the city actually ensures you have little planning to do by ensuring condoms are available in a jiffy. There are 31 street condom-vending machines in Paris, provided by the Town Hall, and if you are unable to find them, local maps can help you find one quickly!

Want to walk-away your troubles? Visit Paris!

There are nearly 6,100 streets in Paris, most of them paved to perfection, offering the best on-foot landscape for folks who like to travel light and self-explore. While travel gurus recommend that Paris is best explored on feet, it actually makes a lot of sense. When you are walking around Parisian streets like Rue des Barres, Rue de l’Abreuvoir, Rue Montorgueil, Rue Crémieux or Rue Lepic, you get the maximum chance of getting up, close and personal with the city’s subcultures that are often missed on bus-bound tours and cabs.

Paris River

There is Nothing like Too Many Macaroons

Coffee blends hard to find anywhere else, tea salons, and latte establishments all around…Paris seems to create an insatiable appetite for a cup of tea or coffee. Invariably, these are served with delightful macaroons – perhaps the best ever you would ever taste. Creatively colorful, served with the finesse of an artist and created like a 5-star signature dish, macaroons are slightly crispy from the outside and indulgently creamy on the inside in Paris. Expect these little rainbow-colored confectionary items to tickle your taste buds and ruin your calorie roadmap!

When it seems like you have no one, Remember Jim Haynes!

If you are alone in Paris, with your family or friends and feeling homesick or just low on cash and need a free meal to make it to the next day, you must visit Jim Haynes. He lives in Paris and welcomes every stranger to his house on Sunday evenings for dinner. According to sources, he has been doing this religiously since 30 years and also invites people to his art gallery. Just drop a message for making a reservation in time and he is most likely to answer you for Sunday freebies and some art appreciation! Go to Jim Haynes – Paris Sunday dinners website.

These are just some of the many reasons why a Paris vacation has no equals and nothing similar can be recreated anywhere else.

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