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Considering Lima, Peru for your upcoming vacation with family or friends is a good option. With diversified history, Lima has become a popular tourist spot that can have your senses blown away by the varied traditions and culture you will come across. With multiple things to do in Lima, Peru keeps the travelers happy and busy for days. The oceanfront views, sceneries showcasing adobe pyramids and colonial architecture have generously occupied streets of this beautiful city. Started thinking about the expenses, don’t worry; Lima has a lot of attractions that do not require a single penny:


  1. Absorb the Orient
    Walk through the sumptuous Oriental Gateway into Barrio Chino, the Chinatown of Lima to experience striking marvels and the aroma of many Chinese restaurants and food stalls.
  2. Take a walk in the Love Garden
    You need no money to spend some romantic time with your lover in the Love Garden, where Parque del Amor sits on the cliffs of Miraflores – a colossal sculpture of a kissing couple standing graciously. Be seated with your darling on the mosaic benches, which have romantic writings scattered around them.
  3. Get surrounded with Talent
    Go watch open theatre at Parque Kennedy where you can catch a free performance and entertain yourself without spending anything from your pocket. From Thursday to Sunday, there is a craft market to explore too.
  4. Go Hiking
    Go hiking with your friends to the cliff tops and get to see some amazing scenic views. Take a 45 minutes’ walk to this secluded place along the coast from Miraflores to Barranco; from up here the surfers braving the cold Costa Verde waters look small undeniably.
  5. Stroll around the Beaches
    The beaches of Lima are the most soothing place. Sit and relax by the sand and take a dip in the water. Entertain yourself by watching people doing tons of water adventures or try yourself too.
  6. Museums and Galleries
    Visit Museums and galleries, some of which have free entry while many have discounted entry passes. In the Spanish Inquisition Museum, you can see the dungeons where unfortunate souls were tortured. In the Museo de La Nacion, you can learn about the recent troubles faced by the country.
  7. Go out to enjoy the markets
    Wander in the colorful maze like alleys of Mercado Central and enjoy shopping for a few hours. Bargain nicely to get the best deals on products in the market. You can see freshly caught fish and Sea food at Mercado de Pescadores Artesanales fish market.
  8. Churches And Cathedrals
    There are a lot of Churches and Cathedrals you can find in Lima and enjoy your time. The Lima Cathedral is a small museum where you can see the remains of Francisco Pizarro. You must also visit Iglesia de Santo Domingo (home to the skull of Saint Rose of Lima), the sumptuous Iglesia de la Merced and many more.

Lima is one destination that is filled with sprawling attractions and activities that either need zero money or very less money to be spent. So, this location is an amazingly cheap yet interesting place that serves all your wishes from sight-seeing to food and culture.

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