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Melbourne cityMelbourne is the coastal capital of southeastern Australian state of Victoria. This metropolitan city is considered the primary hub of business, administrative, cultural and recreational activities in the state. Population of the city comprises of people of all ages from many different cultures. State government works with other local councils/organizations to ensure that Melbourne is one of the safest, healthiest and cleanest cities in the world. Melbourne’s exciting mix of style, sport, culture and dining trends makes it one of the most visited Australian cities. It offers a bit of everything you expect in Australia.

Melbourne is the perfect city to pack your camera and capture pictorial stories of outdoor landscapes or lose yourself to a throbbing nightlife. Along with a socio-cultural fabric that is high on sports and ethnic diversity, the city is also very walkable, making it one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities of Australia. In this discussion, we are providing some insight into things to do when in Melbourne…


Things to do in Melbourne

There are some must-Dos when in Melbourne. This includes visiting the Melbourne Zoo established in 1861 which is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Recently, the zoo was awarded with a global recognition – being the world’s first carbon neutral zoo! Attica, the renowned restaurant in Melbourne, is home to extraordinary Kiwi import Ben Shewry and his cooking creations. Natural ingredients shine in dishes like bunya bunya with salted red kangaroo, or bush-currant granité with lemon aspen and rosella flower. Don’t forget to have Australia’s coffee and there is plenty of variety here. You can spend an entire day sipping and exploring different type of coffee blends in the city. Melbourne is alive with fantastic restaurants, street music, quirky cafes and charming little side streets that will keep you busy for many daytrips. Melbourne is among the few global destinations that still have a thriving bookshop culture. Even late into the evenings you will find crowds at famous bookshops that are littered throughout the city.

Melbourne zoo

Melbourne Zoo

Top Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne fascinates tourists with various attractions which make the city mesmerizing. Architecture and design seem rather popular to the people here with Melbourne having a number of heritage buildings and personal design studios where the arts and modern designs are celebrated. You must explore heritage buildings along Swanston Street and landmarks like St. Kilda Road, Federation Square – you will find these highly recommended on any Melbourne travel guide. The Royal Botanical Garden is another eye-catching spot with a massive, green spread and dense foliage that seems impossible within typical cosmopolitan settings.


You will find a global selection of planting and pervasive Australian flora here. Small ecosystems, such as cacti and succulents, herb gardens and indigenous rainforests, have been carefully nurtured amongst the vast lawns. There are many publicly maintained parks that are great for a family picnic and are often frequented by nearby food trucks that serve fresh and cheap food. Eating-out options are truly overwhelming with everything from the best of Ethiopian to Pakistani gourmet having made it to this city.


Don’t Miss! Graffiti Street Art and Laneway

Melbourne is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest street art destinations for its unique expressions of visual arts displayed on approved outdoor locations throughout the city. The street art of Melbourne offers a banquet of color, ideas and energy. Laneways are the living pulse of the city and showcase immense, subversive creators and spray artists. The city’s inner goodness is hidden in laneways which includes small coffee shops, rooftop bars, boutique gift shops and of course, world class places that sell prestigious creations. Most of these places are open to the visiting public without a big entry tag.

Melbourne Graffiti Lane Way

Two of the most popular Melbourne’s graffiti hotspots include Hosier Lane and DeGraves Street. Here, you will often find mischievous Instagram selfies that have been transformed into artistic pieces. These attractive streets and laneways offers the best shopping complex, music fest, artwork, beautiful canvas of unique graffiti art, and fresh art. Explore the most famous graffiti art alleys along Caledonian Lane, ACDC Lane & Duckboard Place, Cocker Alley, Rutledge Lane and Union Lane. These hard-to-categorize art forms is one of the reasons why visiting Melbourne has made it to many things-to-do-before-you-die lists across the world!

Melbourne Graffiti Lane Way

You might know that some of these creations are the work of Graffiti artists who were paid by the local authorities to decorate-up these walls with art that is impossible to find anywhere else—the city celebrates being spontaneous and creative!

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