Egypt – A Country with Ancient Cultures Given a Modern Twist

Sphinx Egypt
Photo by Adam Bushara

A Mediterranean transcontinental country that spans from the northeast corner of Africa to the southwest corner of Asia by a land bridge – Sinai Peninsula, Egypt boasts of a stunningly beautiful landscape enriched with cultural gems.

From its sand, sea and sun combined with a touch of mysterious and interesting culture and heritage, ancient monuments, vast deserts, the famous Nile River to cosmopolitan cities; you can find it all in Egypt. So, simply fasten your seat belts and get ready for an enthralling ride to the ancient world of Egypt.

Taking You Back for a Visit to Ancient Egypt

Egypt is famously known worldwide for its rich and long history of the early prehistoric settlements of the northern Nile Valley to the Roman conquest in 30 BC. Nile has always been the lifeline of Egypt and its culture. Ruled by the Pharaohs, it saw its first true pharaoh “Narmer”, also known as “Memes” and the last pharaoh “Cleopatra VII Philopator” of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

Let us take a tour of the culture that goes back to around 3100 BC and tell you why you must visit Egypt:

The Pyramids of Egypt

One of the seven and the last remaining ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Egypt are the main highlights of this country. With over 100 pyramids cited by the sources, the famous one is the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are six pyramids in the Giza complex; three towering ones, three smaller ones and a huge statue of the Sphinx (lion’s body and human’s head). Looking at them in movies is one thing, but you definitely have to visit them to be wowed.

Giza Pyramid Egypt
Photo by Adam Bushara

Feel the thrill sailing on the longest river in the world

Who would not want to see the longest river in the world? Well, when there, take a Felucca ride down the River Nile. This traditional wooden sailing boat relies solely on the wind and is great for sightseeing. You can even take your own snacks and drinks on board and enjoy the serene beauty.

Explore the Khan-El-Khalili Soul in Cairo

Cairo – the capital of Egypt, is one of the biggest cities in the world with myriad things to do and see. Filled with museums and exhibitions, it will surely entertain you. One of the famous souks is Khan-El-Khalili that will definitely satisfy your shopping desire, letting you bargain prices. There is no better way to spend your evening. Learn to haggle!

Khan-El-Khalili Soul in Cairo
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Satisfy your taste buds with Egyptian cuisine

A great reason to travel anywhere is its food, and when in Egypt, you should not miss out on the delicious and mouth-watering Egyptian Cuisine. There are some dishes that you must try while you are in Egypt: Kushari, Shawarma, Mulukhiyah, Ful Medames, Sayadeya, Halawa Ful wa Ta’meya (Egyptian Falafel) etc. Get your taste buds to work!

Desert Safari in the Sahara Desert

For the first time visitors, dune bashing, camel rides or quad biking is a must-to-do thing. Take your family out for some thrilling adventure. It is the best way to escape from the city crowd and explore Egyptian deserts. You can even try sandboarding. Look forward to this adventurous experience.

Sahara desert step pyramids

Snorkeling and diving at Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt is one of the best places in the world if you want to explore the underwater life. If you love to snorkel or dive, then there are varieties of tropical marine life, coral reefs, and sting rays to explore. There are many tours available, but for those of you who are experienced, you can rent the equipment and head out on a rented or private boat.

Explore the historical wonders of Luxor

Luxor city is known to be the World’s Largest Open-Air Museum. It houses the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs’ tombs, ancient temples, and monuments. It surely is worth taking a trip to this city with ancient relics. Every second spent here would be spellbinding and an opportunity to learn about history.

Luxor Template, Egypt

Scale Mount Sinai

A must-see spot for the travelers who are interested in hiking and history, Mount Sinai that is located in the Sinai Peninsula, is believed to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. With the help of a local guide, all the hikers could climb and fulfill their desire to reach the summit.

Egypt that gave birth to one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient world” – the Great Pyramids of Giza, has coastal resorts at Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh for entertainment and watersports activities, one of the largest bazaars in the Middle East– Khan-el-Khalili for shopping is an ideal place for family holidays and exploration. Jam packed with beach resorts brimming with extravagance, you should definitely visit this place once!

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  1. Oh yeah! Egypt has suffered in recent years negative image that has resulted in many people avoiding the country. They need to know that it is safe and there is so much to see!

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