Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Oxford Castle – Day Trip From London

Major Heritage Sights in England to Make Your Trip More Mesmerizing

England is a land with hundreds of award-winning heritage attractions, commemorative memorials, interactive museums and visitor centers and nearly 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A trip to England will let you lift history off the pages, giving you an alluring, lifelike experience. Discover the hidden secrets of England that have quintessential Victorian charm. The country has rich heritage, legendry monarchs, influential leaders and what not! Here are some fascinating destinations that will remind you of an affluent history perpetuated in England:

Windsor Castle

One of the three official residences of Her Majesty, the Queen and a royal home for around 900 years, Windsor castle is the largest castle in the world and is still under occupation for inhabitance. The skyline that the castle creates is as breathtaking as it could be. The striking castle room with imposing towers and battlements makes it an exhilarating affair. The pristine condition and the unspoiled beauty of the castle attract the tourists who are majorly interested in visiting historic ruins. The castle makes a home for hundreds of people along with the Queen who spends weekends in the fully working castle in top-notch condition. For the love of Royal History and art, the Windsor castle organizes several major events for you to experience such as:

● Audio tour with Prince Charles to discover the castle from the perspective of a Royal
● Waterloo victory celebration by strolling through The Waterloo Chamber
● Witnessing mystic gothic interior while paying your respects at St George’s Chapel
● Treating your eyes with the beautiful miniature Queen Mary’s Doll House
● Exploring the intricate artefacts of the China museum

Windsor Castle

Queen’s Royal Home

Built in the 11th century, the castle was given a simple architecture constructed mainly with wood. When Henry the First grew affection towards the place, it was decided that the castle will be turned into a Royal palace for the crowned family and hence the gradual construction and reconstruction of the marvelous castle began. While Henry the Second built the stone curtain wall around it, the wooden castle was completely transformed into a stone palace. The luxurious precision was enhanced by the time Edward the Third came into power and substantially the castle became a masterpiece as the years went by. The Royal family stayed in the castle during the German bombings of World War-II and even today it is used as Her Majesty’s resident who sees the palace as her home.

Windsor Castle

The Prehistoric Monument: Stonehenge

A place full of inspiration, wonder and spiritual energy. The spellbinding effect of the Stonehenge monument is under the nation’s major concern, as the prehistoric monument is to be preserved from the punishments of time. This famous sight has an ancient significance and a beauty worthy to be beheld by anyone with a heart hungry to explore. Stonehenge is the pride of England, being one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. Some 5000 years old monument was built in many stages. The exquisite stone circle was added in the late Neolithic period, erected alongside the burial mounds from the early Bronze era. The monument has established a renowned name as World Heritage Site and is an astonishing place to visit.


Oxford Castle

Hailing from heart of the University City of Oxfordshire, England, the Royal castle is a major attraction for its heritage and history whereas the Oxford castle is a large stone construction that played a vital role in the conflict of Anarchy. The stunning 360° panoramic views of the historic city of Oxford will amaze you. Climb the castle mound and enjoy the breathtaking sights. One gets to know the history of Oxford in completely new light while visiting the castle. You can also explore the austere confines of the 18th century Debtors’ Tower and Prison D-Wing. The castle is being used primarily as a county administration since the 14th century, before which, it was used for military purposes.

The spellbinding magnificence of England and its rich heritage is a spectacular momentum of its glorious past. The architectural prodigies hold the universal importance, making England a perfect destination for a person who loves to dig in the pages of history!

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