Boracay- What is the fuss all about?

Boracay, Philippines

Why is the tourism industry going bonkers over this island? Why are youngsters choosing it as their vacation spot over other hot places in the world? Why has it become a favourite among families as well as the solo travellers? We know you have questions and we are here to answer them.

A breathtaking amalgam of tranquil white sand beaches and high-adrenaline nightlife, Boracay is very difficult to say no to. Listed among the top ten destinations to watch in 2016, it is located about 315 km south of Manila and has a span of only 7 km. Despite its small size, Boracay has a lot to offer, to everyone. And when we say everyone, we really mean it.

Boracay, Sea Wind Resort

Reasons why you should go to Boracay in the Philippines

Being among some of the best islands in the world translates into a huge responsibility, and trust us, Boracay will not let you down. Here, we are listing ten reasons that will convince you to call your travel agent right away:

1. The Magnificent Beaches

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The beaches in Boracay make everything seem surreal with their pristineness scene and splendour. The clean water, the white sand, and the impressive view will make you want to not leave the place ever. The island is filled with picturesque beaches that will not only satiate your craving for adventure, but also bring peace by soothing your inner nerves. Having the White Beach as the central tourist attraction, Boracay also has varied other beaches if you wish to get away from the crowd. In fact, we suggest you should not limit yourself to the White Beach, instead shop some shell bracelets and anklets from the Puka Shell Beach, unravel the underwater mystery by snorkeling at the Ilig-iligan Beach, and interact with the locals near the Tulubhan Beach.

2. Relax with a Massage, Get a Makeover And Flaunt a Henna Tattoo

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The White beach of Boracay is sprawled with massage centers, which are perfect to detox and relax after a tiring yet fun-filled day. Post massage, get your hair braided and give yourself an edgy and chic makeover. Following which, adorn your hands or feet with a beautiful henna tattoo.

3. Get On The Boat For Island Hopping

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The island hopping adventure is something that you should not, rather cannot miss. Join other adventure seekers like you on a boat as you all sail along the Boracay’s coast for getting a mesmerizing perspective to its beauty. Designed to offer a complete tour of Boracay, the itinerary of this half-day voyage includes a visit to the Puka Beach, snorkeling at the Crocodile Beach, Cliff diving at the Magic Beach, a traditional lunch with the White Beach as the final destination.

4. Be a Mermaid, Because That is the Dream!

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We are totally NOT kidding you. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Boracay not only provides monofin swimming lessons, but also allows you to wear mermaid tails as you swim. In addition to offering a basic 90-minute training for a 3-meter deep swim, the academy also gives more comprehensive and advanced mermaiding course. Why are you not there already?

5. Go Old School with Paraw Sailing

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6. Fly fish- Grab Tight

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What could be more thrilling than riding a giant inflatable fish while being pulled by a speeding boat? When you bounce on the water while trying to maintain your grip, the adrenaline levels go soaring high, making this activity an essential on an adventurer’s bucket list.

7. Parasail, Kiteboard, or Windsurf- The Sea Is All Yours

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Another reason of Boracay being the hottest vacation spot is the abundant availability of recreational activities that will relax your inner adrenaline junkie. Glide through the air wearing an open parachute, allow the wind to take you place while you hold on to the kite, or ride the water on a sailboard and show the ocean who is the boss.

8. Discover the Longest Ocean Walk Tunnel In The Philippines

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Housing the largest pearl in the world, the discovery tunnel in Boracay has over 900 species of marine life including crustaceans, sharks, and fishes. A perfect activity for kids and families, the tunnel offers a peek into the vastness and mystifying depth of the ocean. In addition to the tunnel walk, the guests also have the option of helmet diving that does not require any specialized training.

9. Gorge On The Authentic Seafood Delicacies

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Satiate your palate with the freshest seafood available in the Boracay’s famous wet market, D’Talipapa, and then you can have it prepared in your own preferred style in the restaurants situated beside the market. Amazing, right? Even more amazing is the famous local delicacy, Lechon, which is known for its crispy skin and juicy meat. It is certainly worth a try.

10. Dance The Night Away!

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Known for its nightlife, Boracay is sprawled with happening pubs and bars, which especially cater to the party animals. During the peak season, most of the clubs organize various themed parties for people with a young heart and unstoppable feet. Get drunk and get wasted in the intoxicatingly awesome ambiance of the Boracay’s Nightlife, and mark a perfect end to an incredible trip.

Boracay is its beaches and its nightlife. Boracay is its seafood and its friendly people. Boracay is its pristine waters and its warmth. It is enigmatic, and in order to experience it yourself, you will have to hop on the plane. Bon, voyage!

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