Berlin’s Top 5 Attractions You Must Visit at least Once in Your Life

Berlin is a city of dreams and there is no way you can stop yourself falling in love with it. The energetic urban life of Germany’s capital Berlin has been attracting eyes of tourists from quite a while now. This magical city is a gourmand place and it provides feasting people with amazing life experiences that are hard to forget. Iconic sights, popular sky bars, natural greenery, world renowned restaurants – there is so much that this passionate city holds for its visitors.

Berlin has its heart filled with glimpses of its fragile history that will take you back to the forgotten times. Roaming in this paradise is all fun, provided you have perquisite knowledge of the culture and popular places of this urbane metropolitan.

Here are 5 things that you must see in Berlin if you have got bitten by that travel bug.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg gate is the entrance to this celebrated travel paradise known as Berlin. Undoubtedly the most defining monument of the city, this site was built in 1791 for King Frederick Wilhelm II. The 26 meter high sandstone marvel was one of the very first neoclassical structures of Berlin, which was known for its four horse chariots and two buildings that were used by toll collectors and guards.

Brandenburg Gate

Museum Island

Nestled between the River Spree and the Kupfergrabe, the Museum Island is a signature Old Berlin travel site. Museum Island is home to city’s oldest museums namely Old Museum, New Museum, National Gallery, Bode Museum, and many more. One good fact about this particular site is that unlike other travel hotspots, Museum Island is almost devoid of traffic.

Museum Island Berlin Germany

The Berlin Wall Memorial

Construction of the Berlin Wall is one of the biggest historical instances of Germany. This wall was built to put a restriction on the flood of refugees from east to west. By the time the wall was coming to a collapse, it had stretched to 155 kilometers, held 293 observation towers and a total of 57 bunkers. At present the wall is left with only a 1.4 kilometer stretch that is preserved as the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Berlin Wall East Side GalleryBerlin WallBerlin WallBerlin WallBerlin Wall

Berlin Cathedral

This German Cathedral is the best spot to visit if you want to peek into 19th century architecture. The classic travel site provides travelers with a deep insight into German history and architectural style. Near the Berlin cathedral lies the German Historical Museum, a point of interest for travelers fond of exploring hidden antics and treasures.

Berlin Television Tower

The Berlin Television tower can be spotted from a long distance owing to its 368m height, making it the tallest building in Berlin. A hugely popular destination among the tourists, this skyscrapers gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. The base of the tower is surrounded by restaurants and an exhibition center.

Television tower Berlin


These were few of the most popular travel destinations in the city of Berlin. Apart from the above, the city has many celebrated tourist sites such as the Charlottenburg Palace and Park, Unter den Linden, Gendarmenmarkt, Memorial of the Murdered Jews, Kurfürstendamm, Reichstag, and a lot more. So the next time when you think of giving your travel dream some air, consider this beautiful city and fly down here for an amazing time.

Memorial of the Murdered Jews

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