Things to do and see in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fusion of art, fries, pancakes, waterways, parks, bikes. Wait a second! Cheese! What else do you want for a perfect living? Settled in Western Netherlands, Amsterdam assails you from every apex, assuring good time in all seasons. The connecting canals and streets, originally home to workers and artisans, have a plethora of cafés and shops. Growing literally as well as metaphorically, the place stands no boundaries in its headway.

Here are few things you can do and perceive on your visit to this city full of passion and unmissable attractions.

1. All about canals
Lose yourself in Amsterdam’s Canal Belt! Encircled by 165 canals, Amsterdam is known for its waterways. These iconic canal rings are the reasons for Amsterdam’s distinctive crescent shape. Crisscrossed by bridges, gorges are lined by shady trees and funky houseboats. As you start wandering, Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht are the major canal spots to explore.

2. Plan a day-out to scout the city
Make a to-do memo of places where you want to roam around. Your wish list must contain beaches, castles, windmills, countryside and historic towns. The Rijksmuseum, West Church, The Royal Palace, Begijnhof are few locations that shout out for your visit and are totally worth it.

3. City of bars and brewage
How can you not sip a beer when you are in Amsterdam? The city is known for its top craft beer bars and microbreweries. You can find a range of organic standard and seasonal ales in almost every bar of the city. You may check some of the famous bar tops including IJ Brewery, Troost, Craft & Draft, Delirium Café, golem and many more. Keep counting!

4. Discover local flavors on Amsterdam streets
You can prospect many charming places in the neighborhood once you get out of the touristy center. From food stalls to drinks to shopping hotspots, each has its distinct personality. The traditional Dutch style pancakes will melt your heart. A fortnightly local goods market sets up on every weekend where you can find many vendors supplying art pieces, fashion and other accessories with rich local flavor.

5. Not to miss the famous flower market
Clogs, tulips, cheese and windmills are the first few snapshots coming to mind when we think about the city. The only floating flower market in the world makes Amsterdam one of the most aromatic places of interest in all seasons. If you are looking for cute typical Dutch souvenirs to bring back home with you, this market has a stock. Drive towards the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein to be there.

6. Hop on your favorite cycle
Imagine a place having more bikes than people. There are more than 80,000 cycling bikes in Amsterdam. Leading in the top cycle-friendly cities, Amsterdam has an unbeatable network of cycle routes and flat landscape. So, join the locals, be safe and hop on your bike!

Amsterdam gives you some of the most rewarding experiences to be found, stepping out of the well-trodden tourist paths of the city. Profound museums and waterways give you amazing effectuations while the food and fashion overwhelms you with its parish flavors. Basically you can enjoy never ending selection of things to do in Amsterdam.

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