10 Super Interesting Scientific Facts about the Amazon Jungle

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The Amazon Jungle stretches from parts of Brazil to Columbia, Peru and other parts of Southern America. It is the world’s largest rainforest and has many interesting facts hidden inside it. Not only is the sight of these rainforests an absolute delight to the eyes but it also intrigues the curious minds of an adventurer.

From picture-perfect sights and breathtaking views, there are way too many scientific facts and way too much fun for someone who is keen to learn more about the jungles of Amazon, here are some of the top interesting facts that will make you pack your bags to set upon a wild journey to these rainforests.

  1. These are the reason behind your coffee dates!

    The tropical jungles of Amazon are source of coffee and many other food items. About 80% of the world’s food such as Coffee, potatoes, pineapple, corn, black pepper, rice, tomatoes and chocolate originally came from here. Basically these forests are the reason behind most of the food that we eat and that’s what makes them so important.

  2. It is always dark inside

    The insides of the Amazon rainforest are almost always dark as the sunlight is not able to pass through the thick canopy of the trees spread across it. Only less than 1% light actually enters these forests which makes seem like its night time all the time in the Amazon.

  3. Medicinal values

    Many plants and herbs that are used today in the medical field for their medicinal properties originally came from these rainforests. About one-fourth of the total medicines that are being used today have their origins from the Amazon jungle. It won’t be untrue to call the forests the cure for many diseases.

  4. Cooling the earth

    It has been noted that the earth is getting hotter as the rate of global warming is increasing day by day. The Amazon rainforest is home to numerous trees and plant species which help tremendously in cooling the earth’s climate by absorbing heat from the sun and producing Oxygen while consuming Carbon Dioxide in a huge amount.

  5. Home to many species

    The great rainforest of Amazon is the home to half of the world’s total species of both plants as well as animals. Around 2.5 million species of insects are found in the regions of these jungles.

  6. Fruits and Nutrition

    The amazon rainforest is a source of 3000 types of nutritious fruits. While the world tastes about 200 of these delicious fruits, the natives of the jungle enjoy around 2000 different types of fruits.

  7. World’s largest river

    The Amazon river is the world’s largest river. It proudly flows in great volume and has 1100 tributaries. 17 of these tributaries flow longer than 1000 miles towards the east. However the river used to flow westward but due to the rise of Andes that are the world’s longest mountain ranges in the South Western side of South America, the river now flows into the Atlantic Ocean towards the East.

  8. Natives and their languages

    About 2 50,000 natives are estimated to be living in the Amazon region and there are about 170 different languages being spoken by them. The deep-rooted diversity in culture and dialects are evident from this. One who wants to learn and explore has great opportunity to do in these jungles.

  9. Rains in the rainforest

    There is a thick shade of trees spread across the vast Amazon jungle which delays the rain to reach the grounds by approximately 10 minutes. the dark shady forests remain to be hot and humid throughout the year and are subject to heavy rainfalls majorly in the months between December and May.

  10. Deforestation awareness

    Since the year 2004, deforestation is gradually declining in the Amazon rainforest due to the increased awareness especially in the regions of Brazil. Such awareness must be increased and appreciated to save further deforestation of the great Amazon Jungles.

There is a lot that one can learn and explore in the Amazon jungle.

Any adventurer with wanderlust running through their veins would love to hike and experience the wild enchantments of the great Amazon rainforest.

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