5 Hour Stopover in Singapore: What You Shouldn’t Miss?

Stopping over at Singapore for a few hours?

Here’s a quick view on what to see in a cosmopolitan city that never seems to sleep, seems to get a high on everything that is trending and is at the core of the Asian continent’s best in lifestyle, fashion and tourist destinations. This discussion can be very helpful for someone who is hard-pressed for time, with just about 5 hours to spare. For starters, don’t waste time shopping within the airport complex. Hire a taxi from to nearby destinations like the Marina Bay Sands to get the ball rolling. Most Singapore locations have exemplary service standards, even at the street-side marketplace and some excel at nightly food market. You might be able to spot some irresistible thrift shopping locales.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Read ahead if you want to spend less money and time and still want to experience a bit of the true Singaporean culture, from local delicacies to some sights that are worthy of making it to your travel journal…

1. Marina Bay Sands: Hop Over to Experience Singapore in a Jiffy

City Overview Option

There are more than 2500 suite hotel within a small locale that defines modern Singapore. The accommodations are world class. Rooms graced with carpeted floors and dark wood furnishing have all the modern amenities expected today, from free WiFi to flat-screen cable TV. In addition, this is the only hotel where you can view almost the entire Singapore skyline. Plus, hotel niceties like jasmine tea and bedroom slippers are an added bonus. Expect rooftops that have a huge pool where from you can gaze down the city skyline from as many as 50 levels in some hotel properties. If anywhere, Bay Sands area is one of the best places for taking spectacular snapshots. You will be mesmerized with one of the largest pools built on such a vertical escalation across Singapore. Shops at Marina Bay Sands Mall include a museum, two floating Crystal Pavilions and the world’s largest casino. You can also go to a celebrity chef restaurant like Long Chim by David Thompson and Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsey. The region also has a ‘shop till you drop’ theme with popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Hermès and Cartier. Indoor skating rink can be enjoyed throughout the year with artificial ice. The iconic hotel captures your heart by giving you a sophisticated experience with nearby ArtScience Museum and an exciting, high-octane night life.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

2. Night Food Markets of the City: Singapore Cuisine at its Native Best

Gastronomic Delights

The night food market tells a quite different story form mainstream Singapore. As low key as it is at day, it gets equally lively at night. And if you are running low on budget, this is the best place to eat the most authentic and flavorful food. Chinatown is a bustling marketplace, offering a huge variety of savory delicacies, like peanut porridge, ice sticks and chicken rice balls. The market looks picturesque at dusk and with variety of food carts serving crispy duck and fresh dim sum, the fun multiplies. The huge number of stalls can get you a little indecisive on what to eat. Although, everything would smell tempting, a Chinese special, a plate of thick fried noodles should be ticked of your ‘to do’ list. Other than food, this area also has its heritage, displayed freely in the neighborhood. As you walk down the streets, you will find various Buddhist, Chinese and Indian temples spread amidst the number of museums. The stalls here sell everything from silk robes to lucky cats!

Singapore Night Food Markets

3. Changi Chapel and Museum: For History Enthusiasts

Cultural Explorations

For those visiting Singapore during the day and can’t see much of the nightlife, a historical tour reflecting the history can be a good pick. At Changi Chapel and Museum, you can get to know about the prisoners of the war who were held captive during World War II during the Japanese invasion. Be ready to experience some horrifying stories of survival and heroics that emerged during the War, retold in detail via seasoned guides here.

Singapore City

Connecting flights shouldn’t be a problem if the stopover destination happens to be as interesting as Asia’s cultural and financial capital—Singapore. The vibe in this city is infectiously energetic. Expect quick-moving crowds fueled by enthusiasm, always moving with purpose, no matter what time of the day it is. A city of workaholics is also a foodie’s paradise. Shopping destinations, particularly if you are brand-conscious, seem infinite. There is no luxury boutique or globally renowned brand you wouldn’t find here. But then why limit yourself only to shopping when the city has so much else to offer…Singapore still has deep ties with its cultural heritage. Take the time to witness a boutique blend of culture, blending facets of modernity and traditional elements, brewed to perfection.

Singapore City

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